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Tax Preparation Service

 We offer complete tax preparation services for Individual,

Partnership and Corporate tax returns.  We do Federal and state tax returns, including current tax year, back tax years and amendments.



We offer limit traditional appointments at our office in Sheridan, CA.  In addition we can do virtual tax returns with our cloud tools that allow you to securely send and receive your tax documents. This allows us to quickly and accurately prepare your tax returns.



If you have fluctuating self employment income we do estimated quarterly income taxes for federal and state taxes. 

If you haven't filed your taxes in a few years we gladly will help you file your back tax returns, it can be a few years to 17+ years, we will help you to get up to date on your federal and all state tax returns.

We offer a secure encrypted site for all clients to upload their tax documents to within the cloud.  We can easily send clients back years tax returns on request by PDF securely. 

Becky Neilson served on the California NATP Chapter Board 2012 thru 2015.




We have over 30+ years of tax preparation experience.